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Why YOUR Enterprise Needs A Plan! Understand How 4th Industrial Revolution Will Affect Your Business and Your Everything!

The 4th Industrial Revolution is all about the convergence of machines and man in a cohesive manner, transforming not just “computing” environments, but larger and complicated industrial ones – encompassing energy, oil & gas, utilities, chemical and materials, manufacturing – automotives, high tech, grids, solar, medical devices - and related sectors.

It is already taking place, fuelled by the rise of digital automation and artificial intelligence. This revolution is now disrupting the global economy and the way companies conduct business at a pace that is keeping us on our toes.

The looming disruptive juggernaut cannot be overlooked by business leaders.

At the same time, technological leaps will change not only business models, but also:

  • Governance
  • Economics
  • Society
  • Individual

This is Where we Come In

The Fourth Leap conference is the premier industry event happening in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

This event is set to connect the dots between fundamental digital quake of technological change and the opportunities available to businesses – those that can adapt to the disruptive agents of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Besides creating front-end awareness, the upcoming event is set to uncover this phenomenon with the help of our expert speakers and panellist in order to present business leaders important takes on how to manoeuvre this exciting journey.

So, get involved with ASEAN’s most important event; understand government policy, adopt the latest business models, hear about large- and small-scale case studies, and what this means for your business. Come and network with your peers and see the latest technologies and solutions that are aimed to make manufacturing smarter.

No matter what industry sector you target, Fourth Leap conference have you covered! With representatives from the entire ecosystem including consumer & industrial enterprises, your customers & partners are here – come and meet them!


The Fourth Leap conference is especially targeted towards professionals in management, C-levels and overall decision makers who are in the position to kickstart and catalyse movement, discussion and deliver impactful and powerful messages and changes to further move the industry on a positive trajectory.

Key Sponsor Benefits

Preferential access to C-level decision makers and senior management executives, key opportunities for exclusive, face-to-face prospecting with potential clients. Unique network gathering to seed future business partnerships and alliance. Opportunities to demonstrate company expertise or product excellence to a captive, target audience (Premium Sponsors only). Leverage event communications, networking and Fourth Leap Magazine for targeted brand positioning, development and recognition.

Seize New Business Opportunities as a Sponsor

As a sponsor, you will benefit from strategically placed, high-impact exposure to both established and new emerging industry partners and customers. Your sponsorship for the Fourth Leap conference is a perfect way to highlight your brand’s leadership in the marketplace, and demonstrates reliability, commitment and contribution to the industry’s growth.

The various sponsorship packages and tiers have been customised to meet the different corporate objectives of your organisation – from event exhibition space to collateral outreach and forum programming.

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Understand how 4th Industrial Revolution

will affect your business and your everything!

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