In tandem with the 100 Go Digital initiative by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) – Wordlabs Business Network’s (WBN) FOURTH LEAP hosted a series of essential discussions for SMEs to evolve and rebound during and post Covid-19.

Through all six parts, we tackled barriers to Digitalisation and how to effectively achieve digital goals to sustain and spur business objectives.

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SME Unplugged: 100 Go Digital Series – Past Webinars

About MDEC

Established in 1996, MDEC was the Government’s response to the then new concept of “Digital Economy”. Today, the global Digital Economy is estimated to be worth US$3 trillion, and MDEC continues its role to organise and lead Malaysia’s Digital Economy forward. For more info:

About Wordlabs Business Network

WBN assists business organisations to adapt and grow in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world. The outfit looks into the subjects of globalisation and digital transformation through content development across multiple media platforms and events. Wordlabs also offers eLearning platform to its audience.

About Fourth Leap

A banner under WBN that specifically looks into the subject of 4th Industrial Revolution and digital transformation. Access Fourth Leap magazines here: